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Proudly Serving
East Coast Thin Crust Pizza
 Since 1972

If you like good pizza you’ll find a lot to rave about with ours. We still use the original dough recipe of pure olive oil and butter. Every step in its preparation is consistent and is made fresh daily on the premises. Our sauces, fresh cut produce, lean meats, and our choice of aged provolone cheese (which we use exclusively) reflect our commitment to excellence and the end result is presented to you with pride.

Where It All Began

The Melting Pot Pizza was first made available in 1970 at the Old Skyline Restaurant on the south side of Front Royal. In April of 1972 Robert Bachelor bought the land and building which is now the Melting Pot Pizza. The day Robert bought the business he had 64 cents to his name. Fortunately an old time banker in town gave him a small loan for operating expenses. Putting in many long hours and making sure he always put out a quality product, at a fair price, with excellent service, the business grew. In June of 1976 he enclosed the attached car wash which became the booth dining room. It has not had a Friday or Saturday night since, that it was not filled. In 1995 he added onto the kitchen so he could handle all the take out, delivery, and eat in customers. We have some of the most conscientious and loyal employees one could find anywhere on this planet. One employee has been here since the beginning and a total of five have been here more than 20 years. We thank all of you loyal customers for making all of this possible. There is not enough room on this menu to list all of your names but we know you all. The Bachelors hope we can be here to serve you another 50 Years. We hope you enjoy your meal!